Schedule of Fees 2016


Tuition Fees (40 weeks)

Or ($300.00 per week)
Short term costs
($400.00 per week)
This covers normal school tuition
($400.00) short term inclusive of ESL


Enrolment/Registration Fee
(non refundable)


Placement Fee
Weekly Board Fee
Short term board fee

The placement fee includes the cost of finding and inspecting the homestay.

Board payments cover the cost of homestay supervision, a furnished room, all meals and laundry.




Outdoor Education


Pocket Money

$10.00 per week over the entire year including school holidays


Trust Account

$10.00 per week with the surplus refunded at the completion of study


Travel/Medical Insurance
(for the entire year)

Transfer – Auckland airport to Tauranga  $220.00


A uniform is required for all students.

Allow approximately $ 700.00


Additional Costs

Sports’ Team Registration
Out of School Tuition (eg. Music lessons,special courses)